frequently asked questions

Is plodsi a secure method of payment?
Plodsi Finansal Teknolojiler Inc., is supervised and overseen by Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Birleşik Ödeme Hizmetleri ve Elektronik Para Inc integrator.
All your banking details which will have been utilized on plodsi is secured with the masterpass infrastructure and will not be shared with plodsi or any other third parties.
In light of all this, we maintain the same status and security conditions as all other digital payment methods in the country.
Will I receive any discounts from my purchases via the plodsi application?
Of course! Our Team at plodsi are working tirelessly every day to provide the best discount opportunities for both our individual users and our corporate users.
Consequently, our users will be notified on a regular and periodic basis regarding discount opportunities, ensuring our users reap the benefits of using the plodsi services for all their purchases.
With the campaigns we will offer on a regular basis, our users will have the opportunity to multiply their earnings.
Will a petrol station near me authorize the utilization of plodsi?
We may very well be in close proximity to you. If not yet visible on your map, our teams are working persistently nationwide to provide you with the benefits of transforming your vehicle into a digital wallet, and providing you with the very best campaigns.
Now you can download your application and pay safely and profitably with plodsi at all businesses on the map where you will see the application.
Can my partner also use plodsi with my banking card?
Our users can use the same banking card for two separate plodsi accounts, two separate mobile numbers and two separate licence plates, enabling users to manage their payments from a single center.
Can I add more than one licence plate to my plodsi account?
From the plodsi mobile app, under settings, you will be given the opportunity to select as many licences as you wish from the “add licence plate” feature.
All that is required, is that you activate your the licence plate of your vehicle you are driving on the day.